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If you are looking for employment for a kitchen hand, chef or cook then join our fabulous team today. Recruitment is as easy as filling out our paperwork below. Whether you want full time or part time work and want to have the experience to work in several different environments and gain invaluable experience and expertise in the industry, then this is the place for you. We at Elite Hospitality Personnel are a finely tuned organisation that incorporates all the importance of preparing you for the position you will enter, much like a football team we will work with you to use your skills, intuitive and commitment to your winning team. We are always looking for your talents to join our team:

Casual Chef – Please provide all relative qualifications and certificates along with your experience.

Kitchen Hands – Previous experience details in the field is important to upload. A knowledge of OHS is of benefit.

Cooks – If you have the experience in a full variety of different kitchen types then please make sure you tell us about it.

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If you want to join the Elite team then please don't hesitate to send through your resume and details to us. Please fill out the form attached and don't forget to upload your Resume. A full up to date Police Clearance is also required. We also require your English to be fluent and have a smart and clean appearance. Elite Hospitality will contact you once we have received your employment details.

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