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Elite Hospitality Personnel is bound by the National Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988 and other applicable laws and regulations governing privacy. You agree that you will also abide by the National Privacy Principles in dealing with any personal information provided to you by Elite Hospitality Personnel or it's employee's and will abide by all other applicable laws governing privacy.

You agree that you will use any personal information provided to your by Elite Hospitality Personnel or it's employees only. For the purpose for which the information was provided to you and on request, immediately return that information so Elite Hospitality Personnel or destroying that personal information.

Terms and Conditions of Trade

  1. By Accepting the booking of any staff provided by Elite Hospitality Personnel, you are agreeing to the following terms
  2. Unless otherwise required by the context or subject matter;
    - You 'Your' means the client/client representative
    - Us 'our' means Elite Hospitality Personnel
    - 'Person' includes a natural person and a constitutional corporation
  3. A minimum charge at (5) five hours at the specified rate applies for each staff member supplied for each shift in the metropolitan area. A minimum charge (8) eight hours at the specified rate applies for all other assignments (as negotiated). The specified rates for the supply of Elite Hospitality Personnel hire staff and other supplies are set out in the staff cost sheet, as amended from time to time. Unless specifically stated , all prices in the client rates are exclusive of the goods and Services Tax (GST) . GST is payable on all fees for services supplied by Elite Hospitality Personnel.
  4. GST is added onto all cost
  5. Elite Hospitality Personnel reserves the right to amend the prices as set out in the client rates from time to time, for the supply of EHP hire staff without notice to you. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to enquire and obtain the current pricing of our supplies from E HP, prior to making each booking. A copy of the client rates can be obtained from Elite Hospitality Personnel at any time.
  6. If casuals are required to work outside the metropolitan area, a travel cost for each journey to and from the assignment will be applicable. You will arrange and pay directly to the transport company ( as negotiated).
  7. We undertake to provide Chefs and Hospitality staff suitable for your required work and are happy to accept cancellation without penalty, provided that you give EHP prior written notice to be received by EHP, no later than (24) twenty four hours prior to the commencement of the relevant shift. Cancellations received by EHP within (12) twelve hours prior to the commencement of the relevant shift will incur a charge of (5) five hours at the rate at which we would normally charged. Should we find that we are unable to satisfy your request for casual staff we will inform you of the same at least (4) four hours prior to the time of commencement of the relevant shift, where practical.
  8. All bookings are to be made through the Elite Hospitality Personnel office and not with staff that have been refereed to you, through EHP. A travelling allowance will be paid by you if the staff(s) member is asked to work outside of the Perth Metropolitan area.
  9. If Elite Hospitality Personnel arrives at your premises and you then decide they are not required and cancel the booking, you will be charged a minimum of (5) hours.
  10. If any of our staff members supplied to you for a shift does not arrive at your premises on or around the scheduled commencement time, you must inform us immediately by telephone, call 0457 157 241 or 0457 167 307. We will endeavor to find a suitable replacement, but you acknowledge that you cannot hold us liable for any alleged loss or damaged suffered by you or any persons.
  11. All bookings for assignments are to be made through our office on 0457 157 241 or 0457 167 307 or via email eva@ehospitalitypersonnel.com.
  12. Prohibition on hiring Elite Hospitality Personnel Employees. You understand that you agree that within (12) twelve months of the last introduction or engagement of any Elite Hospitality Personnel employee, you will not engage that employee for the purposes of providing , directly or indirectly services in completion with the services you provided by EHP, unless you have first obtained EHP prior written consent and authority. For the purpose of this clause to 'engage' a EHP employee included to employ or enter into another form of contract for the services and of service, whether with the employee directly or with any company entity or agency or third party with which the employee is employed, engaged on interested.
  13. Transfer Fee Elite Hospitality Personnel will not unreasonably withhold it's consent to the engagement of an employee by you, provided you agree to pay to Elite Hospitality Personnel a transfer fee to compensate Elite Hospitality Personnel, for the loss of an experienced employee and the cost of replacing that employee.
    - If the employee has worked less than (160) one hundred and sixty hours and within a (6) six month period, the fee will be $4000.00
    - If the employee has worked (160) one hundred and sixty and (320) three hundred and twenty hours with you within a (6) six month period, the fee will be $3000.00
    - The above discounted rates do not apply for Chef's and Cooks and regardless of the work history these will be charged at a rate of $4000.00 These rates are exclusive of GST an no placement guarantee is applicable.
  14. Fee for engaging or employing Elite Hospitality Personnel employee without consent. If you hire or engage an employee who was introduced to you by Elite Hospitality Personnel without obtaining Elite Hospitality Personnel written consent, you agree that Elite Hospitality Personnel will charge you a fee of no less than $5000.00 and you agree to pay this fee to Elite Hospitality Personnel without dispute .
  15. Terms of Payment - Elite Hospitality Personnel terms of payment are strictly(7) seven days from issue of invoice. You therefore agree to pay EHP invoices within (7) seven days of the issuing date.
    - In the event that you fail to pay the full amount of our invoices within (14) fourteen days, Elite Hospitality Personnel reserve the right to charge you and your agree to pay an administration fee of the outstanding balance at the rate of 17% per annum, calculated on daily basis on the outstanding amount of the invoice.
    - Further, if Elite Hospitality Personnel is required to take legal action to recover the owing on any invoices issued to you, you agree to pay all or any legal and disbursements and other associated fees incurred by Elite Hospitality Personnel in collecting the amount owing on an indemnity or solicitor clients basis.
  16. Your Indemnity Elite Hospitality Personnel to the maximum extent permitted by law you agree to Indemnify and keep Elite Hospitality Personnel, and its employers, officers and directors Indemnified from and against all costs, claims, losses, damages, liabilities, causes of action, proceedings, award or judgments suffered on incurred by or brought or made against Elite Hospitality Personnel to the extent that they are caused or contributed to by :
    - Any breach by you or any of your officers, servants, agents, contractors, sub contractors of any provisions of these terms of business or
    - Any acts or omissions by you or your officers, servants, agents, contractors, sub contractor including and without limitation to any act or omission that may contravene the provisions of any legislation.
  17. You warrant that you have current Public Liability Insurance for an amount no less that (10) ten million dollars for any one incident, on such greater amount as may be specified from time to time.
  18. You warrant that your employee's your procedures and your premises:
    - Provide safe systems of work
    - Comply with all rules and regulations for work place safety under all relevant Commonwealth State and Local rules, regulations and legislations including the Occupational Health and Safety Act
    - Comply with all rules and regulations for health under the relevant Commonwealth, State and Local rules, regulations and legislation including the food act. Comply with all rules and regulations relating to Discrimination under all relevant Commonwealth, State and Local rules, regulations and legislation including anti discrimination act.
  19. You accept that we provide our candidates to you on the basis of this warranty and we will rely upon it if any person suffers loss or injury resulting from any breach of that warranty. If you breach any of these terms and fail to remedy that breach when requested by 'us' We can and will terminate all staff with you immediately without notice.

Elite Hospitality Personnel are committed to a code of professional conduct and operate to a high professional standard

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